Managed Website Hosting

A website needs a place to live, otherwise it will go unseen and remain useless. For your site, I use WordPress hosting. This allows full customization and ad capability. WordPress hosting allows me to, essentially, put the site online and keep it there. I have monthly website hosting packages, maintaining both front and back end of your site. In the monthly WordPress hosting package, I include:

  • Premium managed hosting
  • Full cPanel account for management of your website
  • Weekly full offsite backups of all website content and databases
  • Software updates
  • Monthly speed optimization, malware and virus checks
  • Free Cloudflare CON setup, which improves speed, security and SEO
  • Website restoration—if you site is attacked, we recover your site, restore the latest backup, shore up security and ensure your site in promptly back in service
  • Domain management
  • Front end updates (extensive updates are subject to added fees)

Three Reasons Why I Love WordPress

WordPress began as a blogging platform, but grew into something greater and more sophisticated. I chose WordPress for many more than just three reasons, but the main ones include:

  1. History. WordPress began in 2001 and has had 16 years to become what it is today. That’s older than Facebook by about three years and younger than Google by just two. This has allowed a tradition of innovation, reliability and dependability to blossom.
  2. People. WordPress is a product of its people, its community. It is frequently improved upon, its code and infrastructure double and triple checked by its hundreds of developers.
  3. Versatility. Where else can you find a website about cat breeds, or a large corporation? WordPress can support large and small, high traffic and low traffic sites. With the right host, you can take your site wherever it needs to go. Your site can do whatever it needs to do for you with the power of WordPress Hosting.
Avodah Studio Web design

Want to get started on improving your online presence?

Whether you already have an existing website that needs updating or you need a new site, or maybe you are looking for social media management, feel free to contact me today and we will go over your  marketing needs.