Social Media Marketing and Management

Baffled by Facebook? Or do you just simply have too much to do to try and interact with your audience via social networking on a regular basis? If your Facebook posts are every other month rather than every week, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity for audience interaction. Most people check their social media accounts multiple times a day. Making sure you have a presence on those websites helps increase interest in your business. Avodah Studio can help with that!

Finding the Right Plan for You

I have a monthly social media marketing plan that can be adjusted to fit your marketing needs. My package starts with managing two social media accounts which includes two posts a week and two advertisements per month. We can also increase posts according to your business’s marketing needs.

Five Different Marketing Avenues and Their Benefits

Different social media sites will draw different audiences. According to your social media marketing needs, you may want to branch out into websites other than Facebook. Think of who your average customers are, are you reaching them based on what sites you are using?

  1. Facebook – well-rounded social media marketing tool, as most people have an account. It is great for reaching the 35-54 year old market, as they check their accounts on a regular basis to help keep in touch with their family and friends. This site is a great tool for text, image and video posts.
  2. Instagram – image based tool that reaches the 18-29 year old demographic. Images are great because they can catch the eye in less than a second, whereas a user must make the conscious decision to interact with a text post.
  3. Yelp – app that reaches users aged 25-44. It allows users to post their own ratings and reviews on a business. When searching for a keyword, such as a mechanic, all auto shops within their selected radius will show up in a list or map.
  4. Google Plus – social media site similar to Facebook, but allows users to use their profiles over many of Google’s features. Youtube profiles and Google+ profiles are linked, as well as all other Google services. The main demographic of Google+ are college educated males. Google search features link to Google+ with greater ease than other social networking sites.
  5. Google Adwords – advertising tool that allows your advertisement to appear in their search results based on what a user searches for. You pay per click, meaning you only pay if a user clicks on the ad.
Avodah Studio Web design

Want to get started on improving your online presence?

Whether you already have an existing website that needs updating or you need a new site, or maybe you are looking for social media management, feel free to contact me today and we will go over your  marketing needs.