SEO - Search Engine Optimization

One of the key elements to ensuring your website is reaching your would be clients is SEO (search engine optimization). This means that when a search engine, such as Google, analyzes your page, they find quality content that meets certain parameters. When these parameters are met, your site will be given a higher ranking on Google’s search results. The higher your page is on their results, the more site traffic you will receive.

We Speak Google’s Language

While I work on the skeletal system of your website, an experienced copywriter will add the flesh. Using google analytics and the submission of your site map, I will be sure your website and all of its content is found. It doesn’t matter if your site has the best color scheme, if the search engine can’t find it, then neither can your audience.

Five Ways Copy Can Make Your Site

Copy—or the text your audience reads, is the corner piece of your SEO puzzle. This is the part of the site that answers your audience’s questions about who you are as a business. Also, where you get to speak to your potential clients. Without good copy that embraces SEO, you’re losing out on that opportunity. Here is just a small piece of what an experienced copywriter will do for your copy:

  1. Comforting your site visitors with conversational language. Not many people like to visit a site, trying to find out what a business is about, only to be greeted with overly technical lingo. We make sure that your site’s content is accessible and personable.
  2. Establishing your credibility. Even if your site is about brakes or pavement resurfacing, you want readers to find your site with good grammar and carefully selected phrasing.
  3. Sticking to the positive. We like to tell your clients what you can do for them, not what you can’t.
  4. Helping search engines find you. How is Google or Bing going to know that a page on your site is about chimney sweeping if it’s never included in the copy? Using a natural amount of keywords within an appropriate amount of text is key.
  5. Providing the right information. We work with you to write what you want your client’s to know. Whether you’re a lawyer or a small clothing boutique, we want your copy to reflect positively and accurately on your business.
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