Google Adwords Management

How do we know if your ads are reaching your target audience? How do we know if they are successful? We use Google Adwords to help increase the visibility of your ads, but we use Google Analytics to find out if your ad campaign is working. Google Analytics also helps judge your site traffic and finds pages on your site that need improvement. Google Adwords and Google Analytics work together to generate more traffic for your site and increase your revenue. Let Avodah Studio help you with your Google Adwords Management.

Helping You Find the Right Fit

To run a successful ad campaign requires a number of elements. The first thing I do before Google Adwords Management begins is sit down with you and identify your needs. We will develop the right ad campaign for your business and work within your budget. We then will develop the right kind of ad that lets users know their needs will be met through your services. Then, based on how those ads are performing, I can tweak them to create higher user interest. We will determine your target audience (your customer base) and find the campaign suited best for you and your business.

Four Way Advertising

With Google Adwords, I can create four different types of ads. Diversifying your advertisements allows them to reach your target audience easier. The four types of advertisements within Google Adwords campaigns are:

  1. Search Ads: These are the ads that appear in Google search results when a user is searching for a specific item or service.
  2. Display Ads: These are the ads that appear on any website other than Google, such as Facebook. These ads also appear in many apps.
  3. Video Ads: These ads are videos on Youtube. They appear in recommended videos for your target audience.
  4. App Ads: Ads for apps! These are located on Google Play and help increase downloads for your app.
Avodah Studio Web design

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Whether you already have an existing website that needs updating or you need a new site, or maybe you are looking for social media management, feel free to contact me today and we will go over your  marketing needs.